Enduro Full Boar 20kg

ENDURANCE • PERFORMANCE • RECOVERYFormulated for thehunting dog• Maintains muscle mass• 27% Protein 17% Fat 4200kcal• Added Amino acids for muscle and...

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Formulated for the
hunting dog
• Maintains muscle mass
• 27% Protein 17% Fat 4200kcal
• Added Amino acids for muscle and injury recovery
• Also suited to the working and greyhound community

As canine athletes that exert high levels of continual physical exercise, a specifically formulated fuel is essential. Enduro Full Boar has the perfect ratio of high quality proteins and fats enriched with vitamins and minerals, balanced calcium and phosphorous levels, and optimal amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids-all essential for strong healthy dogs and required to ensure your high performance dog is always kept in its peak physical condition.
Repairs muscles broken down during hard work
Replaces lost energy (calories) - sustains continual physical activity levels
Maintains healthy skin and shiny coats