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Brookby Herbs Steady Mare 500ml

Brookby Herbs Steady Mare 500ml

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Moody mares can be a nightmare and not necessarily recognised for what they really are. If you think your mare is having pre menstrual tension (PMT) then that could be exactly what your moody mare is suffering from. If your mare is showing the typical signs of irritability and mood swings on a cyclic basis, then it is likely that she is experiencing the symptoms and suffering from the nagging pains of pre menstrual tension. Did you know that herbs can help rebalance the hormone levels and regulate the menstrual cycle in moody mares?

Herbs can also:

  • act as a natural remedy for PMT
  • re balance hormone levels
  • soothe stomach cramps
  • help prevent moody and irritable behaviour
  • aid the digestive system
  • release tension in moody mares

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